Welcome to our new website! Here you can find the what, where, when’s and why’s of us.

The long-waited, mysterious 3rd album have been recorded for a while now and we’ve been working behind the scenes to set things up and to finalize the album. The whole creating process have been a very educational journey as a person as well as a songwriter. All of the ups and downs, back-and-forths, have been deeper, wider and harder, than with the first two albums, and all of that have not only thickened my skin, but also given me a whole bunch of new songs to work with. So it really is a constant, ever-going journey within (and that’s what it’s all ever been about). When it comes to the concept of an Album, there must be a line where you take a breather and look back to what you have created. After all, it also takes a while to recover from the oh so addictive place called ”the zone”.

I will open the whole excitement of the process more as we go along, but for now we can say it’s been a hell of a ride, a long wait for the human, and hopefully all worth the wait for the humanity! So stay tuned for the new, for the plan is to release new material in 2018.

Towards the Light – the inner and outer!

Much Love,

Pauli / The Blanko