The BLANKO – Modern Rock Super-trio

The BLANKO are an alternative rock band from Finland. The group consists of Pauli Hauta-aho (lead vocal and guitar), Jakke Saarinen (drums & backing vocal) and Jykke Tikka (bass & backing vocal). They are all masters on their field and together they form an invincible unit of the modern rock super-trio.

The BLANKO played their very first gig in 2007. Now after hundreds of shows, the killer reviews, and the blood, sweat and tears, this power-trio strives ahead. The new album Stimulation Paradise (released on April 26th 2019) hit straight #8 at the official album charts of Finland. The album represents a broad variety of catchy melodies and explosive riffs performed with an energy to last for a lifetime. It has also been already considered as ”The Finnish rock album of the year”. The new release is a multidimensional and contemporary manifestation of the relentless and hard working band full of passion.

The BLANKO is all about the music. Their self-titled EP (2007), the albums Flying Colours (2011), Into The Silence (2013) and the Stimulation Paradise (2019) stand strong as the land marks of the modern rock pioneers. Like the slaves to their passion, they strive on getting their very own power of three –symbol known all around the Universe.

Download / Stream: Stimulation Paradise





”The massive size of rock from the scenes of high budget movie -trailers”

The best musician” / “The best guitarist of Finland” / “New Talent”

“The best new act” / “The album of the year“ / “The best Finnish artist”

“The live band of the year” –Nominations from the Finnish media incl. Soundi and Rumba –magazines, and YLE (2011 & 2013)

“The Finnish rock album of the year?” 4,5/5. Into The Silence –review (2013)

“Their style of progressive pop rock reminds me of the bands like the MUSE or a “speed overdosed” Placebo.” Into The Silence –review (2013)